Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get python

So the first thing you'll need to follow this is Python.
Why? because it's powerful, popular and easy to use.

What am i doing here? Well, trying to get more active on the web in my varied interests. One thing that comes up now and then is technical art, and involved in that is taking control of your computer. usually this can involve moving files around, or doing some relatively simple tasks that a programmer wouldn't lower themselves to doing. Enter you and python.
All the posts will be tagged with tech art.

--------- #Setup
I use eclipse with pydev installed, but it lets you see the results in a view window and lets you run scripts directly there, so I like it.
You cold use Notepad++ for speed and editing highlighting, then run that in Maya or something, but that's a bit of a pain.

Once you install eclipse, run it, and setup a folder for where to work (workspace)
You need to add pydev for running python by going to 'help/Install New Software,
then click add, name it python or pydev or something then paste in the url: which should then install that all nicely.
When you start a new 'project' then you need to select pydev, you'll need to point it to where you installed python, then you can just make a new blank 'module' which you don't really need one of the special templates for. Main could work too, but gets a bit more intimidating.
--------- #End Setup

There. Now if you're setup, you can run

print("hey there world!")

and that should work as your first little script.
Stinks don't it? but for some reason programmers like 'hello world' as a first most simple test to make sure the darn thing works.
That's all for now.
I didn't think to write this up, but if you find problems, let me know. I didn't think to start to write this until well after I've set this up.

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